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Welcome to Atlantic Auto Clinic

Repair Services

We specialise in the repair and overhaul of ALL types of cars, LDV’s 4×4’s & Heavy Duty Vehicles.

About us

Your Go-To Destination for Professional and Customer-Focused Automotive Solutions.

Atlantic Auto Clinic (AAC) is a well-known and trusted service provider in the automotive industry. We specialize in servicing, repairing, and maintaining all types of vehicles and have a strong reputation among insurance companies. In December 2010, we restructured our operations to better serve our customers on the West Coast and opened the workshop in Langebaan on February 15, 2011.

Fleet Services

Full-service auto glass repair & replacement

Auto Repairs

All the major or minor repairs are done on-site.

Gas Refills

Rapid gas refills for swift and efficient journeys.

Life’s too short to spend it at the repair shop

Car Services

Elevate your vehicle's performance with our meticulous car services, ranging from routine maintenance to complex repairs, ensuring reliability on every journey.


Enhance your vehicle's handling and stability with our expert differential services, meticulously designed to optimize performance and extend component life.


Trust our skilled technicians for precise transmission services, promoting seamless gear transitions and maximizing the efficiency of your vehicle.


Experience smoother driving with our specialized clutch services, designed to ensure precise engagement, responsiveness, and longevity.

Warranty Claim

Navigate warranty claims effortlessly with our dedicated assistance, ensuring you get the maximum benefits and a stress-free process.


From routine maintenance to major overhauls, our comprehensive engine services guarantee peak performance and longevity for your vehicle.


Rely on our advanced diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint and address issues efficiently, ensuring your vehicle operates at its best.


Optimize ride comfort and handling with our precision suspension services, tailored to provide a smooth and safe driving experience.


Ensure safety with our professional brake services, focusing on maintaining optimal stopping power and reliability for your vehicle's braking system.

Let's talk

having trouble with your car?

Stuck with car problems? Count on Atlantic Auto Clinic for swift, reliable solutions. We’re here to get you back on the road with confidence.

We specialise in the repair and overhaul of ALL types of cars, LDV’s 4×4’s & Heavy Duty Vehicles.